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29 Jul 2016

Incorporate Specimen Data Transcription Into Your Course

Professors who are preparing their course content for the new semester may want to include a day for their students to participate in WeDigBio. The 2016 event will be held on October 20-23.

Austin Mast, a professor at Florida State University and an organizer of WeDigBio, offers this suggestion of how to incorporate the worldwide digitization event into a course: “Last year I reserved a computer lab for my Field Botany class during WeDigBio, and the students transcribed specimen labels at one of the participating citizen science platforms (Notes from Nature) while working through the exercises at It was very popular.”

WeDigBio encourages citizen scientists and the public to assist in the digitization of natural history collections. Organizations can post images of specimens with their labels on partner transcription platforms for transcription or host an on-site transcription event.

Professors who participate in WeDigBio should complete the form at

06 Jul 2016

Research Curator in Invertebrate Zoology

The Milwaukee Public Museum is seeking a mid-career research curator with a Ph.D. to oversee the Zoology Department. The person in this leadership role will plan, direct, implement and coordinate activities of the Zoology Department (Invertebrates and Vertebrates) to ensure the effectiveness and balance of scholarly research, collections, public service/education, and exhibit development. The candidate will maintain an active invertebrate zoology research program, with preference for research in the areas of museum strength –Lepidoptera or Coleoptera. At least one of their research interests should incorporate aspects of citizen science. The curator will be responsible for providing content expertise for the development of museum exhibits and reviewing educational program aspects, serving as a representative of their research to the print, broadcast, and online media, and speaking on a range of topics to diverse audiences. An individual with a proven publication record and a history of successful funding is sought.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee Invertebrate and Vertebrate Zoology collections – supervise Collection Manager, Puelicher Butterfly Wing Supervisor, and other personnel.
  • Conduct research and oversee growth of the collections in invertebrate zoology and direction of growth for the vertebrate collections as related to the Museum’s mission.
  • Work closely with other research curators to design, implement and deliver at least one citizen science research project.
  • Oversee and provide the best standards of care for the zoology collections.
  • Seek funding from a variety of sources to support research.
  • Collaborate with local universities and other institutions with regard to research and other activities.
  • Present research findings through publication and presentation, including peer-reviewed journals, books, and proceedings of professional meetings.
  • Serve as content expert for the development of museum exhibits and review of educational materials.

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