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14 Nov 2019

NASEM Soliciting Research Applications to Determine Red Wolf Taxonomy

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s (NASEM) Committee on Assistance to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) on Taxonomic Studies of the Red Wolf is calling for research applications to clarify the taxonomic identity of wild canid populations in southwestern Louisiana and other geographic areas where the red wolf (Canis rufus) was historically known to inhabit. At the request of USFWS, NASEM convened this expert panel to solicit applications to conduct morphological, genetic, and genomic research on unidentified canids suspected to be red wolves.

Research applications are being accepted through December 3, 2019. USFWS will notify applicants of its decision in January 2020. Queries can be directed to More information at:

14 Nov 2019

SPNHC and ICOM NATHIST Announce Joint 2020 Meeting

The joint meeting of the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC) and the International Council of Museums Committee for Museums and Collections of Natural History (ICOM NATHIST) will take place from the June 7-13, 2020 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. The theme for the meeting is ‘The Role of Natural History Collections in Global Challenges.’

For more information and to register your interest in attending the meeting, go to:

14 Nov 2019

IMLS and ACM to Hold Webinar on Museums for All

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM) are hosting an informational webinar on Museums for All, an initiative dedicated to expanding community access. NSC Alliance members are invited to join the webinar to learn more about how and why more than 450 museums participate in the program.

The webinar will take place on December 11, 2019 at 2:00 PM Eastern time. Information on attending the webinar is available at

14 Nov 2019

Call for Community Input: NSF RFI on Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has issued a Request for Information (RFI) on Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure Needed to Support Future Data-Intensive Science and Engineering Research.

According to the notice, the challenges of growing volumes of scientific data – their availability, transmission, accessibility, management, and utilization – have become urgent and ubiquitous across NSF-supported science, engineering, and education disciplines. NSF is particularly interested in understanding how broader cross-disciplinary and domain-agnostic solutions can be devised and implemented, along with the structural, functional and performance characteristics such cross-disciplinary solutions must possess. To inform the formulation of a strategic NSF response to these imperatives, the RFI asks the research community to update NSF on their data-intensive scientific questions and challenges and associated needs specifically related to data-focused cyberinfrastructure.

AIBS encourages the life sciences community to respond to this request by following the guidelines outlined here:

Submissions must be received on or before 5:00 PM Eastern time on December 16, 2019. NSF will share the responses publicly in spring/summer 2020. Questions concerning this RFI should be directed to

14 Nov 2019

National Museum and Library Services Board Meeting Announced

The 40th meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board will be held on December 5, 2019. The Board advises the Director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) on duties, powers, and authority of IMLS relating to museum, library, and information services, as well as coordination of activities for the improvement of these services.

The plenary session of the meeting starting at 9:00 AM Eastern time is open to the public. This will be followed by a closed Executive session. The location for the meeting is 955 L’Enfant Plaza North SW, Suite 4000, Washington, DC 20024. Please contact Katherine Maas at if you would like to attend the public session of the meeting.

14 Nov 2019

NIH Seeks Input on Proposed Data Management and Sharing Policy

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is seeking public comment on a proposed NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing and supplemental guidance. According to NIH, the purpose of this draft policy and guidance is “to promote effective and efficient data management and sharing to further NIH’s commitment to making the results and accomplishments of the research it funds and conducts available to the public.”

Deadline to submit comments is January 10, 2020. For more information, go to: