Annual Meeting

Each year, the NSC Alliance convenes an annual meeting to facilitate the exchange of best practices and innovative ideas among natural science collections professionals. In recent years, NSC Alliance has sought to increase the value and potential partnerships of these meetings by meeting with the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC).

Special Meetings and Symposia

As resources permit, the NSC Alliance convenes special meetings and workshops to facilitate the identification of community needs, innovative solutions, or to provide government and other stakeholders with timely information from the natural science collections community. In recent years, the NSC Alliance has convened meetings for the U.S. Geological Survey, which explored barriers to the digitization of collections data. NSC Alliance also hosted workshops on behalf of an NSF-funded collections research coordination network grant.

Washington Report

NSC Alliance members receive the electronic Washington Report. This valuable resource published approximately twice each month provides current news about policy developments that impact the natural science collections community. These reports also alert NSC Alliance members to the need to contact their elected representatives in Washington, DC regarding legislation that will affect collections and museums.


NSC Alliance members have the opportunity to participate in various advocacy events on Capitol Hill and to interact with lawmakers in their home state through the Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits event. Additionally, the NSC Alliance is increasingly working toward the development of innovative policy initiatives – NSC Alliance members have the opportunity to contribute to these efforts and to become engaged in efforts to advance these policy proposals.