NSCA Letter to Congress on Economic Recovery and COVID-19

On March 12, 2020, the NSC Alliance sent letters to key House and Senate leaders requesting that any economic measures crafted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic address the financial harm being felt by natural history museums, botanical gardens, and other scientific societies and research organizations, which are an integral part of the nation’s bioeconomy.

“These scientific research and education organizations are suffering economic losses as a result of the need to cancel scientific meetings, workshops, and to reduce, postpone or cancel public programs, including educational programs associated with schools and other civic organizations,” reads the letter. “Most natural history organizations are non-profits that operate on tight budgets with limited capacity to absorb abrupt and significant losses of revenue, such as that generated from public visitation and engagement in programs.”

Read the letter to House Leadership.
Read the letter to Senate Leadership.
Read the letter to House Science Committee.