On 28 April 2006 NSC Alliance president Terry Yates and policy director Robert Gropp submitted testimony to the Senate Appropriations Committee in support of the Administration’s fiscal year 2007 budget request for the National Science Foundation (NSF). In short, the testimony supported the Administration’s fiscal year 2007 request of $6.02 billion for NSF. The request reflects a significant increase at a time when most agencies are facing budget cuts.More specifically, the testimony expressed support for NSF’s science education programs. The NSF plays an important role in science education, in both formal and informal environments, such as natural history museums, botanical gardens and other science centers. Moreover, through programs such as Research Experience for Undergraduates, GK-12 fellowships, and fellowships for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, NSF provides the resources needed to educate, recruit, and retain our next generation of scientists. These programs provide the support that makes it possible for practicing research scientists and college faculty to mentor and train budding researchers. Additionally, NSF science education initiatives are unique and stimulate innovation in teaching and learning about science. The lessons learned and models developed through this research inform Department of Education and local school system programs.

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