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IMLS Has Released “Connecting to Collections: A Report to the Nation”

Marsha L. Semmel, Acting Director, IMLS (Institute for Museum and Library Services), has announced the release of “Connecting to Collections: A Report to the Nation.”  According to an IMLS release, “the 2005 IMLS-supported Heritage Health Index provided a comprehensive look at the state of collections held in libraries, museums, archives, scientific organizations and historical societies.  The sobering results led IMLS to embark on a multi-year, far-reaching strategy to increase public awareness and inspire action.”

The report describes work at the national, state, local and international levels with public and private partners dedicated to caring for collections.  “With data, stories and arresting images, this publication provides vivid documentation of the spirit and energy that we encountered throughout the nation and around the globe, involving thousands of institutions who shared expertise, tapped new resources, and made new connections around best practice in collections stewardship,” said Semmel.

This report will be delivered to every member of Congress, policymakers, public and private partners, and the cultural heritage professionals around the world who participated in the initiative. You can download a copy of the publication at

IMLS Has Released “Connecting to Collections: A Report to the Nation”
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