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Notice of Availability of Request for Information – Bioarchive Services

On October 28, 2015, NEON, the National Ecological Observatory Network will be issuing a Request for Information (RFI) to determine the interest of organizations, institutions, collaborations and consortia in providing museum services in support of the NEON mission. NEON is a large facility project funded by the National Science Foundation. Throughout the 30 year life of the NEON observatory, a range of biological and physical samples and specimens will be collected from terrestrial and aquatic systems including insects, small mammals, fish, flora, soils, as well as wet and dry deposition. These samples (collectively, the NEON Bioarchive) will require cataloging, curation and long term storage. For more information on NEON and its mission, please visit

Notices of Intent to Submit are due November 20, 2015 and submissions are due February 17, 2016. All interested and qualified parties are encouraged to provide a submission. The full RFI provides additional information and is available from the NEON Contracts Administrator, Steve McCormick at (720) 330-1668 or

Notice of Availability of Request for Information – Bioarchive Services
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