PNAS Article on IsoBank

A new opinion piece published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences urges the creation of an IsoBank, a central repository for isotopic data.

The article is an outcome a workshop sponsored by the Biodiversity Collections Network, which NSC Alliance co-founded.

An excerpt of the article follows:

Stable isotopes encode and integrate the origin of matter; thus, their analysis offers tremendous potential to address questions across diverse scientific disciplines. Indeed, the broad applicability of stable isotopes, coupled with advancements in high-throughput analysis, have created a scientific field that is growing exponentially, and generating data at a rate paralleling the explosive rise of DNA sequencing and genomics. Centralized data repositories, such as GenBank, have become increasingly important as a means for archiving information, and Big Data¬Ě analytics of these resources are revolutionizing science and everyday life.

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PNAS Article on IsoBank
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