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AIBS Launches New Science Policy Advocacy Center

The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) has launched the AIBS Legislative Action Center.  This science policy advocacy tool is provided by the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) to members of the biological sciences research and education community.  Financial contributions from the Society for the Study of Evolution, American Society for Limnology and Oceanography, Association of Ecosystem Research Centers, and the Botanical Society of America made the Legislative Action Center possible.

This new advocacy tool allows individuals to quickly and easily communicate with members of Congress, executive branch officials, Governors and state legislators, and selected media outlets.

AIBS and its partner organizations invite you to become a science policy advocate today.  Simply go to in order to write your Senators in response to their vote on the Coburn amendment to the Senate version of the economic stimulus legislation.  This provision adopted by the Senate would have prohibited museums, zoos and aquaria for competing for federal funds provided under the stimulus package.  Ultimately, this prohibition was eliminated from the final version of the legislation.  This is, however, an excellent opportunity for natural history museum advocates to thank Senators that opposed the Coburn amendment and to educate other Senators about the importance of museums and science collections to the nation’s economy and scientific research and education enterprise.  Via the AIBS Legislative Action Center, individuals may send a prepared letter to their Senators.  The system will provide a model letter that is appropriate to your Senator depending upon their vote on the Coburn amendment.

To send a letter or to sign up to receive action alerts, please visit

AIBS Launches New Science Policy Advocacy Center
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