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Our members are part of an international community of museums, botanical gardens, herbariums, universities and other institutions that house natural science collections and utilize them in research, exhibitions, academic and informal science education, and outreach activities.

Applications Being Accepted for the Museum Assessment Program

The Museum Assessment Program is seeking applications for its 2013 program. The program helps small and mid-sized museums strengthen operations, plan for the future, and meet national standards through self-study and a site visit from a peer reviewer.

The program is funded by the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and throughout its 30 years has been administered by the American Alliance of Museums. Participating institutions receive a grant for $4,000 of consultative resources and services.

The 2012 MAP participants include 126 museums from 39 states, encompassing small and mid-sized museums of all types. The range of MAP participants reflects the broad scope of America’s museums, and a complete list of all MAP participants is available at

Since its creation in 1981, MAP has provided more than 6,000 assessments to over 4,200 institutions across America. To apply to MAP for the 1 December 2012 deadline, visit

Applications Being Accepted for the Museum Assessment Program
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