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Call for Abstracts: Using Digitized Data in Geological and Paleontological Research

Abstracts are sought on research uses of digitized geoscience data and recent advances in data-publishing and mobilization, and uses of digitized data for outreach and education. The session will be held during the Geological Society of America’s annual meeting in Baltimore, Maryland on 1-4 November 2015.

The session will highlight paleontology and geology research that has utilized publicly available digitized data in some way. The number and size of digital data sets are expanding rapidly in light of recent interest in biological and geological specimen digitization and span a wide variety of data types including digital images of fossil specimens, 3D reconstructions and visualizations from CT scans, georeferenced fossil localities, occurrence data for fossil collections, literature based occurrences for fossils, core samples, paleoclimate data, seafloor data, etc. Topics to be addressed include an accounting of publicly available digital datasets; research methods and techniques; strategies for ensuring long-term storage, maintenance, and on-going accessibility of large digital datasets; digital dataset security; advances in technology and software for data analysis and manipulation; strategies for ensuring and improving data quality; current gaps and deficiencies in publicly available digital datasets and strategies for rectification; research uses of data generated by current ADBC TCN collaboratives; and recent research outcomes from digital datasets.

Session sponsors include iDigBio; Paleontological Society; Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections; GSA Geoinformatics Division; EarthCube C4P; and iSamples.

Abstracts are due by 11 August at

Call for Abstracts: Using Digitized Data in Geological and Paleontological Research
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