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Deadline Approaching for Visiting Scholars Program at iDigBio HUB

The NSF-funded iDigBio project is pleased to announce a Visiting Scholars program available at the national headquarters (HUB), University of Florida, Gainesville, starting in 2012. Emphasis will be placed on early-career collections and informatics-based professionals with demonstrated interest in digitization, particularly those who broaden representation within this academic and professional community.

The iDigBio Visiting Scholars program is envisioned to support short-term (typically 1 to 3 months) visits and residencies, e.g., junior faculty on sabbatical or during summer leave. During this visit, the incumbent would be expected to work on a project and produce a deliverable that advances the national digitization effort in research and/or education. Examples of possible activities might include (but are not restricted to) using this focused time to develop: (1) a paper or grant proposal; (2) an iDigBio workshop; (3) an appropriate course (undergraduate, or graduate) proposal on a relevant topic that could serve as a prototype for the HUB and TCNs; and/or (4) an outreach project that communicates the importance of collections digitization to the public. During their visit, the incumbent would be expected to give a seminar and be encouraged to be involved in related HUB activities. The incumbent would be expected to submit a short final report of activities and offer input to the project evaluators.

This Visiting Scholars program includes a monthly stipend of $7,500 (up to $22,500 for an individual visit), some travel/relocation funds (up to $2,500), high-quality, shared office space at the HUB, and access to UF resources (e.g., internet, libraries, collections, etc).

Applications for the Visiting Scholars program should include a: (1) cover letter (no more than 2 pages) describing: (a) how this opportunity would help to advance your career; (b) the activity, project, and deliverable that you would work on during your time at the HUB; (2) brief budget (items and explanation), following the guidelines above; and (3) complete CV.

This program is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. The deadline for receipt of the first round of applications is 1 February 2012. This application should be sent to Jason Grabon (, iDigBo Project Manager.

Deadline Approaching for Visiting Scholars Program at iDigBio HUB
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