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IABIN (Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network) Request for Grant Proposals

This Request for Proposals (RfP) seeks proposals from institutions that house high-quality information and data at the Species level, that is, scientific descriptions that characterize species of organisms.  It does not seek proposals to digitize specimen level information (descriptions of specimens or field observations). Proposals that are accepted will be awarded seed grants to make data available through the IABIN Species and Specimens Thematic Network (SSTN).  Within the IABIN framework, the SSTN provides Internet access to metadata and datasets currently scattered and inaccessible, as well as tools for creating and managing information, so as to facilitate the biodiversity information exchange throughout the Western Hemisphere.  The overall goal of these SSTN Content-Building Grants is to make species data accessible and interoperable through IABIN.
DEADLINE: 10 December 2008

For more information, view the request.

IABIN (Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network) Request for Grant Proposals
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