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iDigBio Seeks Information on Genetic Resource Repositories

iDigBio is actively compiling a list of DNA banking facilities and genetic resource repositories in the United States that maintain collections of nucleic acid extracts (DNA or RNA) or preserved tissues suitable for genetic and genomic studies of biodiversity.  Currently, there are few comprehensive online resources available to aid researchers in: 1) identifying repositories for long-term preservation of research materials no longer in use, as well as for materials and extracts used as part of published studies; and 2) locating sources of useful genetic resources for current or future scientific studies.

iDigBio is helping to address this problem with the development of a new online resource of DNA Banks and Genetic Resource Repositories in the United States, which already includes information and links to 45 collections.  To report new information about available genetic resources at your institution, please contact Grant Godden.

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iDigBio Seeks Information on Genetic Resource Repositories
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