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New Blog to Serve as Forum for Collections Digitization

A new blog has been created to assist the biological collections community to discuss and share ideas about the National Science Foundation’s solicitation for “Advancing Digitization of Biological Collections (ADBC).”  The blog aims to “encourage the community to begin to communicate openly about the ADBC solicitation including questions, ideas, intentions, and other related issues.”  The creators of the blog hope that users will present their intentions for and philosophies behind proposed Home Uniting Biocollections (HUB) and Thematic Collections Networks (TCNs) submissions to NSF.

The blog is an outcome of the community round-table discussion hosted by the University of Colorado at Boulder on September 17, 2010.  Meeting hosts Patrick Kociolek and Robert Guralnick, both of the Colorado University Museum of Natural History, have agreed to continue the round-table discussion, via the blog.

To access the blog, visit

New Blog to Serve as Forum for Collections Digitization
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