NSC Alliance Member Recognized by National Science Board

The National Science Board will award the American Museum of Natural History with its 2015 Public Service Award. The award honors exemplary public service in promoting public understanding of science and engineering.

“Each year, the American Museum of Natural History shares the excitement and wonder of science with millions of students, teachers, families and other members of the public with its exhibitions and public programs,” said Vint Cerf, chair of the board’s Committee on Honorary Awards. “Additional initiatives of the museum contribute to the teaching and learning of science and the training of the next generation of scientists.”

The American Museum of Natural History is a member of the Natural Science Collections Alliance.

“We live in a time when many of our most pressing problems and opportunities are science based, a time in which scientific advancement and science literacy are essential elements in our nation’s continued leadership and key to a shared global future that is sustainable, responsible and peaceful,” said Ellen V. Futter, president of the museum. “Museums like the American Museum of Natural History have an important role to play in this, and we are honored to be recognized by the National Science Board.”