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NSC Alliance Provides Comments to White House on Supporting the Bioeconomy

NSC Alliance has submitted written input to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) in response to a request for information on supporting the U.S. bioeconomy.

Specifically, the White House was seeking public input on how advances in biotechnology and biomanufacturing can achieve previously unachievable goals and the steps necessary to create critical components in support of the bioeconomy.

“The federal government must invest in training and resources for biodiversity research and monitoring that goes far beyond searching for drugs that may be useful for treating human diseases,” NSC Alliance argued. “If we want ‘innovative solutions in health, climate change, energy, food security, agriculture, and supply chain resilience,’ we must embrace the idea that the bioeconomy needs a strong biodiversity foundation that will provide the materials and informatics resources necessary to jumpstart and sustain this new economic sector.”

NSC Alliance called on the White House to “recognize and promote biodiversity research and the workforce that conducts this research as central to our nation’s bioeconomy.”

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NSC Alliance Provides Comments to White House on Supporting the Bioeconomy
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