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NSC Alliance Supports Diversification of Federal Science Advisory Committees

NSC Alliance has joined a group of scientific, professional, and academic organizations in sending a letter to 24 federal science agencies and departments in support of diversifying the science advisory committees that support policy decisions across the government.

The groups argue, in part: Lack of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity in the federal government is a persistent problem which exacerbates longstanding inequities and stifles progress. Research has shown that diverse scientific teams achieve better results than racially and/or socioeconomically homogenous teams, due in part to differing backgrounds and varying perspectives. In addition, the problems that agencies address and progress that agencies make have not been experienced or distributed equitably. Race, gender, sexual identity, income, and other sociodemographic factors are directly linked to environmental, health, and safety impacts. The more diverse and representative science advisory committees are, the more individuals from these communities will be represented and the unique challenges they face reflected in science-based recommendations.

Read the letter.

NSC Alliance Supports Diversification of Federal Science Advisory Committees
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