Registration Now Open for Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits

The NSC Alliance is pleased to announce that it is joining with the American Institute of Biological Sciences to sponsor the 6th Annual Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits event.

This national initiative is an opportunity for biologists across the country to meet with their federal or state elected officials to showcase the people, facilities, and equipment that are required to support and conduct scientific research.

The 6th Annual Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits event enables scientists, graduate students, representatives of research facilities, and people affiliated with scientific collections to meet with their elected officials without traveling to Washington, DC.  Participants may either invite an elected official to visit their research facility or can meet at the policymaker’s local office.

Participants will be prepared for their meeting with a lawmaker through an interactive training webinar.  Individuals participating in this event will receive training on how to improve their communication skills and tips for conducting a successful meeting with an elected official.  Information will also be presented about federal funding for biological research.

Participation is free for NSC Alliance members, but registration will close on July 13, 2014.  For more information and to register, visit