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New Smithsonian Initiative to Focus on Genomics

The Smithsonian Institution has launched a new initiative to better understand biodiversity genomics.

“Our goal is to pioneer novel genomic approaches, integrate them into biological endeavors throughout the Smithsonian and serve as a resource for genomics research around the world,” said Pierre Comizzoli, research biologist and Director of the Grand Challenges Consortia for Science at the Smithsonian. “The Institute for Biodiversity Genomics will be a platform to convene both the leading scientists in this emerging field as partners, as well as post-doctoral students and fellows for training and education.”

The four areas of focus for the research initiative will be:

  • Diversity Genomics: What are the origins of life and how are species related across the globe?
  • Evolutionary Genomics: How does the blueprint of life vary among individuals and species and what does this mean for their ability to adapt?
  • Ecological Genomics: How do ecosystems work and what makes them resilient to change?
  • Conservation Genomics: How do we sustain biodiversity and protect species and ecosystems?
New Smithsonian Initiative to Focus on Genomics
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