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Save the Date: Inaugural Digital Data in Biodiversity Research Conference

iDigBio, the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, and the University of Michigan Herbarium are pleased to announce the inaugural Digital Data in Biodiversity Research Conference, to be held in Ann Arbor, MI, 5-6 June 2017.

The rapid mobilization of digitized biodiversity data, led largely in the United States by the National Science Foundation’s Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections program, has resulted in a substantial increase in available data for research and related activities. This conference will encompass the uses of digitized data across all biodiversity disciplines, with special emphasis on digitized specimen data and the potential for “big data” analytics in organismal biology.

A full conference description and call for papers are in process and will be released in late autumn. Please save the date and watch for further announcements on the iDigBio website ( This conference will provide an important opportunity to explore digital data tools, techniques, discoveries, and outcomes across the biodiversity sciences.

For further information or to ensure that you are on the email list, please contact Gil Nelson at iDigBio (

Save the Date: Inaugural Digital Data in Biodiversity Research Conference
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