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Students Can Contribute Species Content to the Encyclopedia of Life

The Encyclopedia of Life is encouraging professors to include undergraduate and graduate students in creating content for the website. The Encyclopedia of Life is a global collaboration among scientists and the general public to make authoritative information and literature about all 1.9 million named species freely accessible online.

Undergraduate and graduate students can contribute to the Encyclopedia of Life in the following ways:

  • Summarize species information in an overview suitable for the general public (Brief Summary; 300-400 words +/-)
  • Write a more comprehensive species account (Comprehensive Description; 500-700 words +/-)
  • Write about an individual topic such as general ecology (Please see Writing Content for EOL Chapters for more information:

Instructors are responsible for reviewing and vetting student work. The EOL Learning + Education team can help facilitate the upload of reviewed information to the Encyclopedia of Life.

The benefits of this activity for students include an opportunity to research and synthesize information to communicate science to the general public. Students, instructors and institutions receive attribution and recognition on the Encyclopedia of Life.

If interested, please contact Tracy Barbaro:

Students Can Contribute Species Content to the Encyclopedia of Life
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